Scions of Ogo

Post Date : 09/05/2023

Scions of Ogo

Scions of Ogo, along with their 'siblings', TechnoMages were created by the machine intelligences, known as the 12, during the Synthetic War. These two groups of Homo technologicus, TechnoMages and Scions of Ogo, were originally very similar, but eventually their paths diverged. Scions of Ogo interact with the physicial world (and hone their martial abilities), while TechnoMages focus on technology and virtual realms.

Scions of Ogo originally gained their abilities from nanofuse technology, which allowed human tissue and nanotech to be fused at the genetic level. Scions' (and TechnoMage) nanites can be passed from parent to child. Later in their development, Scions, experimented with fusing animal DNA from species across the Cosmos with their unique genetics.

Key Lore

  • Scions of Ogo faced heavy losses during the Synthetic War. During the Great Sundering, Scions' culture evolved and flourished and their numbers expanded as war survivors travelled across the Cosmos and settled on many different planets.
  • Currently there are many different Scions of Ogo clans with distinct cultural artifacts and lore. However, despite clan differences and rivarlies, all Scions, in their homes and gathering places, honor the Trident of Ogo, a weapon first introduced during the Synthetic War that has become the faction's universal symbol.
  • Scions of Ogo operate in many roles across the Outback. Some are mercenaries, participating in armed conflicts or security operations. Others rule Outback planets, run inter-plantery gangs, or corporations.
  • While Scions of Ogo are officially banned from Centopoly space, some clans are known to maintain relations with (and perform services for) Centopoly security forces.

Cultural Notes

  • Scions are heavily modded and change their appearance regularly
  • Because Scions' nanites can pass from parent to child, humans across the Cosmos have latent Scion abilities. However, these abiliites are hidden or supressed on Centopoly and some Candidate worlds.
  • Scions of Ogo pride themselves on individuality and extreme customization in clothing, genetics and appearance
  • Most original Scions did not survive the Synthetic War and the chaos of the Great Sundering. However, it is rumored that a few, greatly honored Scion 'Elders', are still alive, and serve as an informal 'governing body' for Scions. However, none of these Elders has ever been seen, as their location is a closely guarded Scion secret.


  •  Scions of Ogo were literally bred by the 12 to be the most powerful, cunning and skilled warriors in the Cosmos. Although Scions specialize in different aspects of war-making, (from stealth operations to infantry campaigns), all are highly trained in a core set of disciplines, including hand-to-hand combat, mid-level hacking, espionage, piloting and more.
  •  Although Scions of Ogo are highly individualistic, they tend to have some common characteristics, depending on how their nanites are expressed (or guided):
    •  Human standard: Men and women of high physical fitness level
    •  Modest augmentation: Nano-augmentations to the brain, muscles, arms and legs, with signs of modification across the body, from the eyes, to head, to arms via their mods
    •  Extreme augmentation: Scions who, either by choice, or necessity are largely machines, with robotic/metallic arms, legs, bodies of various shapes and sizes
    •  Animal-Human hyrids: Some Scions have animal/insect DNA, and non-human apperance.
    • Space augmentations: Some Scions specialize in space operations, and have augmentations that enable them to thrive in the vaccum of space. It is rumored that these Scions have access to some type of Prospector-invented technologies or genetic enginnering that allows for these augmentations. Space Scions are rarely seen and many across the Outback are unaware this group of Scions exists.